Fire up your iPhone’s camera app and point it at this QR code:
Fire up your camera app and point it at this QR code:

Let everything you love

Who we are

Welcome to arive

We envision a place where shopping for your favorite brands becomes an experience full of inspiration and joy. We call this place arive and it's fueled by ever-changing curations, live-shopping streams, on- and offline events, exclusive partnerships, and entertaining personalities.

What we do

A new shopping experience

To make all of this a reality we connect entire cities on our platform – including your favorite local stores and our own warehouses that we call "Cloud-Stores". Our bike fleet allows a low carbon delivery and helps to reduce urban car traffic leading to better cityscapes. Because we believe only a beautiful city is a city worth living in. We deliver your everything you want and everything you need right to you doorstep. So you can sit back, relax, and let everything you love arive.

Our mission is to enrich your life with the most elevated and effortless shopping experience.

What we care about

Our promises



Life is beautiful. And so it should be. That's why we not only carefully curate our partners and their products (so you don't need to), but also make sure we allow our cities to break free from pollution and traffic.



Time is precious. So use yours wisely. We want you to be able to enjoy your time as much as possible and not waste it with unnecessary waiting, hectic last minute errands and stressful store visits.



Inspiration is fuel. We aspire to inspire you by not only making your life more convenient and beautiful, but also rich in new impressions and new ideas. We deliver your most loved brands and products - and new experiences along the way.

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Headquartered in Munich. Also available in Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. arive is a VC-backed company.